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Imagine this: You climb into your vehicle on a hot summer morning and go to turn the key. You sit back in the seat and wait for the AC to cool things down, but all that comes from the vents is hot air. You wait and you wait, but the chilled air you expect never comes. At that point, what you’ve got head of you is a long, hot drive to work or school, and in Killeen, TX, that is definitely going to be a very uncomfortable drive. Not only would it be silly to deal with that on a regular basis, it can also be downright dangerous. So whether you need routine AC & heat service or emergency AC & heat repair in Killeen, TX, the pros at Ashton Automotive are here to help.

AC & Heat Service Killeen TX

At Ashton Automotive Repair & Services, we recommend everyone have their AC & heat serviced twice a year, or once in the fall and once in the spring. Why? This way, our team of techs can inspect and suggest your repairs to your AC & heat system before the more extreme weather of winter and summer come along. In Killeen, TX, our summers are brutal, but as we’ve seen in recent years, winter around here can be no joke either. Make sure both you and your car are ready for extreme temperatures with a routine AC & heat service in Killeen, TX, from the team of experts at Ashton Automotive. We even work with R1234yf refrigerant!

AC & Heat Repair Killeen TX

When your AC & heat isn’t working, it might seem like a problem you can put off. Don’t. Temperatures in Killeen, TX can range from sub-zero to sweltering hot, and if there was ever an emergency with your vehicle and you were stuck in it for any period of time, you’d be in real trouble. So if the scenario we described above sounds familiar to you, make an appointment for AC & heat repair in Killeen, TX, with the team at Ashton Automotive.

AC & Heat Repair Near Me

So whether you are looking out for the health of your auto AC & heat with a routine service or you need AC & heat repair in Killeen, TX, you need to make your first stop the bays at Ashton Automotive. Our techs will get you in and out in no time flat, and have you driving the streets in comfort once again. So for AC & heat repair in Killeen, TX, choose Ashton Automotive Repair & Services.

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