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engine repairLike the heart inside your chest, the engine under your hood is the heart and source of power for your entire vehicle. And just like the heart in your chest, when the heart of your vehicle – the engine – is in trouble, you wouldn’t want to trust that task to just anyone. You’d have a hard time finding a single part of your vehicle that isn’t somehow powered by or connected to your car’s engine, so when it does get into hot water, that isn’t a service or repair that can wait. So whether it is engine service or emergency engine repair in Killeen, TX, that you are in the market for, the pros at Ashton Automotive have got you covered.

Engine Service Killeen TX

Today’s engines are built to last; the engine “tune-up” is a thing of the past. Instead, these days, your engine service comes as part of your milestone 30/60/90k services, and the oil changes, on a frequent basis, usually take care of most of the engine service your car will need over its lifetime. But if you are in the market for peace of mind engine service between scheduled appointments, our team would be happy to take a look and let you know if we find any issues. All you need to do is make an appointment!

Engine Repair Killeen TX

When it comes to our work with engines, engine repair in Killeen, TX, is our bread and butter. If you’ve heard a clunking noise from your engine while you drive, or if your car seems to be idling a little rougher than usual, you might be a candidate for engine repair in Killeen, TX. This could be anything from a minor adjustment to a major repair or even a rebuild, but no matter what it is, our engine repair specialists are here and waiting to deal with it. A lot of shops won’t mess with engine rebuilds, but our team is so masterful, we can handle it with ease. So for engine repair in Killeen, TX, trust Ashton Automotive.

Engine Repair Near Me

So whether you are looking for peace of mind engine service outside your scheduled engine services or you need emergency engine repair in Killeen, TX, the team at Ashton Automotive is waiting to help you and your car. Make an appointment with our team today and we will make you a customer for life!

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