Suspension and Alignments

suspension and alignmentsYou’ve heard people bragging about their cars before, correct? They talk about the cool new body style, or the horsepower, or the fancy gadgets and gizmos in the cabin. But have you ever heard someone bragging about how straight their car drives or how well it handles? Most likely not. Your car’s suspension and wheel alignment in Killeen, TX, don’t get the attention they deserve, but they do govern a big part of how and how well your car actually drives. So when it comes time to take care of your car’s suspension or to get a wheel alignment in Killeen, TX, its time to get your car in front of the team of experts at Ashton Automotive.

Wheel Alignment Killeen TX

What is a wheel alignment and why is it so important? A wheel alignment in Killeen, TX, is the process of perfectly lining up your car’s wheels with one another, making sure that they are all hitting the road at the same angle and frequency. This process should be completed about once a year, or with every fourth oil change or so. Not only will keeping your wheels aligned help your car drive better, it will also help your tires wear more evenly, which saves you money in the long run. Even a stray pothole or curb in your path can be enough to throw your wheels out of alignment, so if you feel like things are a little off-center, don’t hesitate to bring your car into the wheel alignment in Killeen, TX, experts at Ashton Automotive.

Suspension Repair Killeen TX

Your car’s suspension, or drivetrain, has a lot to do with how stable your car is able to drive, and how much control you have over your vehicle while it is in motion. While today’s suspensions are built to last, we do recommend having it looked at as part of your wheel alignment process. We will check the shocks, struts, bolts, coils, and the rest for weaknesses and suggest any repairs if we find issues. Your suspension might not get the attention it deserves, but at Ashton Automotive, we will give it the love it needs to keep your car under your total control.

Wheel Alignment Near Me

Whether you’ve hit a pothole, or are looking for a routine wheel alignment or suspension service or repair in Killeen, TX, there is no better choice than the experts at Ashton Automotive. Make an appointment with us today!

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